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Season of Bore

We've moved on from our Season of War: Firestorm campaign, quite a bit more quickly than we'd expected, too. The effort at Games Workshop's current Age of Sigmar campaign system lasted a whopping two of our mega-sessions, and we realized halfway through the second that we were probably done.
What gives?
None of us thought it sucked, but it was just lacking something. Peter at one point said that the campaign portion of the mechanics should be the best part, something to look forward to between games which serves as a kind of grand strategic reward. He's right. Some of that is the middle-aged Mighty Empires player in us, but Firestorm didn't have enough mechanical doodads to make the between game stuff much more than a chore.
Basically, Firestorm is too abstracted. There's a kernel of a good campaign system in there, but mostly it's just looking at a hand of cards. A hand of cards, incidentally, which is really easy to mix up with the general deck as you upg…

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