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Secret Weapon Miniatures Rolling Fields Tiles

Back in mid July, I decided that I needed a table. It's been a long while since I've had a proper wargaming table. Space is a problem--my house isn't tiny, but I've got a townhome, a kid, and too everyone here has too much stuff as it is.

A traditional table was right out; there's no way I could go with a 6x4 in one piece, or probably even in two or three pieces. Space issues preclude keeping the tools and supplies needed to put a big project together, anyway, and what's the point if you're stuck with what amounts to a green piece of plywood in a closet?

Poking around, I found out about Secret Weapon's Tablescapes and it presented a perfect solution. They're 1ft x 1ft tiles of molded plastic in various terrain themes and they look good. The Rolling Fields theme is what I settled on, and I found a guy selling a full 24 tile (6x4) set at 20% off because they'd been opened and partially primed.

I ended up really pleased, not least because they'…

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