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Making Magna-Case, Lord of Miniatures Storage

It's been awhile since we've blogged due to the beginning of the school year. Projects have slowed a bit, but I recently decided to completely revamp my miniatures storage by going fully magnetic.

I've long been faced with storage problems for my miniatures. It wasn't quite as big a deal when I'd drifted from the hobby, but now that I'm back, painting, collecting, and buying, it's become a problem. My place isn't huge and storage has been some drawers of non-rotation stuff and some wall shelves which get insanely dusty.

I made the decision to completely redo my storage around early August. The initial idea was to go full foam, but foam is outrageously expensive as it piles up and doesn't really solve the space issue as much as I'd like. I snagged a case off of eBay for about 30 bucks; once I realized it was a cheap one, didn't hold many miniatures, and still took up too much space, I was pretty done.

My friend Casey turned me on to DIY magne…

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