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The Pustulent Soil - A Nurgle Army

I've been playing Warhammer long enough (since... '89 or '90?) that I've cycled through all the Chaos gods as my favorite. Like all red-blooded youths, I started with the blunt force of Khorne. Then it was Slaanesh, because my hormones said so. Then Nurgle, and finally Tzeentch, where I settled for the entirety of my adult life. I have a fat 4k or so of Tzeentch stuff for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and my expectation was that this would continue into Age of Sigmar.

But it didn't turn out that way. Nurgle was always a close second in my heart, and once the Maggotkin army came out I had to take the plunge. The new Great Unclean One was too cool, the new Beasts of Nurgle too lovable, the colors too varied and grotesque. Once I learned the game with my Ironjawz, I dove into Nurgle and didn't stop.

Below are pictures and lore. Some of it relates to our young Season of War: Firestorm campaign, which pits my Nurgle versus Peter's Tzeentch (no small irony that the yo…

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