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Shyish and the Path to Glory: Weekend One

A couple weeks ago, our Age of Sigmar group got together to play the first weekend of a Path to Glory campaign. Here's the primary actors, their warbands, and some narrative reports from a bloody weekend of the hobby.

Peter Peter, of course, is playing his vampire led Death warband, The Haunted Host of the Tower of Souls. He wrote about that a few weeks ago and the background can be found here.
He has the title belt from last year's Horus Heresy birthday extravaganza as a means of rubbing it in. That's how you little brother.

Ian I'm playing Goldie Horn and the Three Boars. Goldie Horn is the name of Guldakka Da Kunnin's Maw-Krusha. Because she's gold. And has horns. The Three Boars part should be fairly simple, but it's actually not--orcs can't count above two, throwing everything above into an undifferentiated basket called "lots". Part of the reason why Guldakka is considered so kunnin' by the other boyz is because he can count to three…

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