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Shyish and the Path to Glory: Weekend Two

This is, oh, a couple months late. We concluded our Path to Glory campaign after a second bingey weekend and just never updated. Since we're about to start a Season of War campaign this weekend, I figured there should be some closure to how the warbands closed things out.

Guldakka and Literic Since the dynamics were Peter vs Ian and Scott vs Philip in the first weekend, followed by a big team up battle, we decided to cross things over.
Guldakka was furious that Literic refused him the honor of seeing what was in the bag of ghosts. It didn't matter a whit that the orc warlord dithered on the battlefield, and that was mostly why the giant demigod was so stingy.
What transpired was known as the Battle of the Bag. By Gorkamorka, if Literic wouldn't reveal the contents of the bag, Guldakka would take it.

The battle was swift and bloody. The Ironjawz surrounded Literic and his brood, making a lightning strike and stealing the bag. Guldakka, bellowing with dark mirth, opened the …

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