40k 8th Edition Thoughts Up

I've written up my thoughts on the new edition of 40k on Waypoint, my most regular spot for game (video and analog) writing.

It's mostly complete and probably points to what I'm most interested in when I write about games: not the minutiae of formulae or min-maxing, but what they point to in terms of history and sociology, whether in a broad sense or just within the realms of their own making. I can't speak to how 8e will play in tournaments or what the best units are. I won't be making spreadsheets or cost/damage evaluations. I will say that my time with it has left me very favorably inclined toward the new ruleset.

And not a little bit wistful. There are so many things which represent radical departures from what came before. More than any specific rule I can point to, it's a break with the idea that this was a game which was iterated upon. That ended up becoming layers of old paint nobody bothered scraping off until it was two inches thick. That design ethos was mishandled, and that's a shame, but I'm eager to see what's next.